Screebl 3.0 Nears Completion! Print E-mail

Dim lights

I've been hard at work doing a ground-up rewrite of Screebl, with a focus on cool new features, hardware compatibility, battery consumption and simplification.

Things are getting very close, and you can check on the latest state-of-the-art here:  The new app is quite stable, and I've been using it for over six months on a variety of my own devices.  There are still some newer features that are not as heavily tested, but you can expect things to generally be in a good place.

There are some exciting new features to play with too!  The following list hits on the highlights...


  • Pocket Lock - put your phone into your pocket, and the screen turns off instantly.  Take it out again and the screen turns on right away.  Look ma, no buttons!
  • Customization - control everything from icon color, to sound notifications, and whether the icon shows in your notification bar.
  • Timed Force Lock - reading in bed, or with your phone laying flat on a table and you don't want the screen to turn off?  Just use the "force lock" feature right from the Screebl notification to temporarily lock the screen for up to 30 minutes.
  • App Exceptions - turn off Screebl's screen handling functionality when certain apps are being used.  This should handle situations such as Widget Locker, Handcent, and Chomp that display notifications of new events or implement alternate lock screens.
  • Proximity Detector - turn Screebl off when in close proximity to something.
  • Better Locale/Tasker Support - You can control even more of Screebl's functionality now from Tasker, Locale, Llama, etc.


I have a bit more to finish, including some new socialization features that I think will be fun and will help Screebl 3.0 be a success.  You can expect frequent updates over the next few weeks as I nail things down.