Screebl Gets Roasted! Print E-mail

Screebl Pro continues to recieve good reviews.  It is now ranked in the top 20 on the Android Market in the Tools category, and in the top 50 overall!  Thanks to everyone that has tweeted, emailed, or otherwise shared your love of Screebl.  Please keep sharing!

It is generally a very challenging and time-consuming endeavor to review a sophisticated piece of software like Screebl, particularly when it involves changing and evaluating phone usage patterns.  The new review site recently "roasted" (that's what they call their reviews) Screebl Pro as their first review.  It is a very thorough and accurate review, making some good observations about ways that we can improve the product.  I was also happy to see that the review has decent coverage of the Locale integration.

Nice work AppRoasters!