Why isn't "In-call Behavior" keeping my screen on? Print E-mail

The effectiveness of Screebl's In-call behavior functionality can be influenced by a few different factors.  It turns out that different phones behave VERY differently while a phone call is active.  Here's what I know so far, and have heard from different users:

1. On some phones, the accelerometers (the sensors that detect the orientation of the phone) don't work at all when in a phone call.  This obviously would keep Screebl from functioning properly.  I'm working on compiling a list of devices and Android versions for which this is true.

2. For phones that have a "proximity sensor" that detects when the phone is held to your face, Screebl is often NOT able to keep the screen on.  Some users WANT the screen to stay on, even when the phone is being held to their ear.  On my Nexus One, I so far have not been able to get Screebl to keep the screen on when in a call with the phone at my face.  Held away from my face, Screebl works as expected during a call, which is great for conference calls when I'm using my speaker phone.  Many of the newer more advanced phones include a proximity sensor, and for those of you that just want to keep the screen on during a call, even when the phone is held to your face, you are likely to be disappointed with Screebl's inability to do this at this point.  I'm continuing to look into the issue.