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Screebl Translators Needed PDF Print E-mail

In my push to get Screebl out to the masses, I decided last week to make an attempt to localize the application.  I discussed this with several people, and one person offered a quick solution to the problem of translating the English messages of Screebl to other languages:

"If I were you, I would just use Google Translate.  That should work well enough."

Despite all of my posturing and preaching recently about the need for Android application developers to be more careful about polishing their apps, I foolishly took that advice and translated Screebl to German and French using Google Translate.  Trust me, this still wasn't an easy task for me, but in the end I thought things had gone OK...

Polish Your App: Free Embeddable Android YouTube Activity! PDF Print E-mail

I recently published a blog entry about lessons that I've learned during the course of creating Screebl, my entry in the Android Developer Challenge 2.  In my previous post, I mentioned that one of the top three things that I'd learned was "Polish is better than feature".   My claim is that the majority of the applications that are available for Android right now lack polish, and consequently it is difficult to gain traction with users evaluating mobile applications.

NOTE:  I've created a Google code project for this component, as well as a Google group for discussing issues.  Please see the OpenYouTubeActivity project here on KeyesLabs.com. 

In the interest of improving the Android platform, I'm going to be writing a series of articles that describe things that I think I've done well in Screebl, and I'm also going to contribute the code behind those features for others to use if they wish.  I'm hoping that others in the development community will follow suit.  It would be great if we had a market (as I mentioned here) specifically for delivering packaged widgets to other devs, but I'm not aware of anything at the moment, so I'll use this venue for now.

Polish Your Apps, People! PDF Print E-mail

I just recently finished my push to get a small application called Screebl ready for the Android Developer Challenge 2.  In retrospect, it was a good exercise to go through for a number of reasons.  Here's a list of the top three things that I learned (or relearned) from ADC2... 

Free Screebl App Debuts on Android Marketplace PDF Print E-mail

A free version of the innovative Android-based application that uses orientation data to control device suspension made its debut on the Android Marketplace today.  The application is fully functional, and offers a large number of configuration options. 

Provisional Patent Obtained for Screebl Technology PDF Print E-mail
In June, 2009, a provisional patent was obtained for the technology behind Screebl.  Screebl is an application written for the Android platform that controls power-saving features of a mobile device based on recognizable orientation patterns.
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