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Screebl Pro has Been Released! PDF Print E-mail

Screebl Lite has been cranking along for over three months now.  Since it's release a lot has happened, and we've learned a lot about what it takes to nurse a little utility application into a product.  Before I go into what is contained in the next major release of Screebl (it's some pretty cool stuff), let me hit on the highlights of what Screebl Lite has done so far...

  • Screebl Lite has been downloaded over 20,000 times, and thousands of you use it every day. 
  • I've received hundreds of questions, high-fives, suggestions, and death threats.  Much of that feedback has made its way directly back in to the product.
  • Screebl has been localized by native speakers of five different languages. 
  • Screebl has been reviewed six times, by a variety of online publications, including AndroidGuys, AndroidTapp, Phandroid, KnowYourMobile, BrightHub, and Octoba.net (Japanese).
  • Screebl came in 5th in its category in the Android Developer Challenge 2, just behind a smokin' hot digital secretary.

Now how could things possibly get any better, you might ask?  Well we've been hard at work scraping together Screebl Pro, and there are some really cool things to be excited about...

The Fight for Your TV PDF Print E-mail

Let me get right to the point.  Apple and Google are already the two dominate players in the consumer electronics space.  That may be a bold statement, but I don't think that it's to far off.  Many are expecting Android to hold the #2 spot in mobile operating system deployments by 2012.  Most analysts throw Symbian and RIM into the mix based on current market conditions, but I think that things are going to change very rapidly over the next year.

Who wants to buy some Screebl? PDF Print E-mail

Now that ADC2 is over and Screebl has been polished up for the most part, with the most often requested features added and most of the biggest defects squashed, the question remains:  what to do with Screebl now?

I'm currently shopping Screebl to a number of manufacturers, trying to get the technology behind Screebl bundled with core mobile distributions.  Things are at a very early stage, but there is some interest from a few fronts.  There are a number of reasons that integrating Screebl with the core platform would make sense.

Screebl Finishes 5th in Its Category in ADC2! PDF Print E-mail

Well, the Android Developer Challenge is over, and unfortunately Screebl was not in the money this year.  We were close, coming in at 5th (prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category).  That at least puts us on the first page of rank ordered finalists.

Google chose to not put a link from the contest results to the developers' web sites, so placing well hasn't helped much in promoting Screebl.  It was a fun ride though, and a lot was learned.  Thanks for all of your votes!

Screen Wars! PDF Print E-mail

It seems that there are several applications on the Android market right now that make an attempt to solve the problem of premature screen locking.  This is good news!  First of all, it validates the problem space in which Screebl lives as actually being a need.  Second, there's nothing like a good healthy competition to make software better.  I've evaluated all of the available Android applications that deal with screen locking, and I must say that I'm very happy with how Screebl has turned out.  In my mind, Screebl is hands down the best of the bunch, from polish, to intuitive out-of-the-box bang-for-the-buck.  I admit that I may not be all that impartial.  But hey, I'm feeling confident, particularly after reading the comments on the competition that mention Screebl!

Screebl Power Saving Study Results PDF Print E-mail

Recently, the Android Guys published a review of Screebl.  At the end of that review they mentioned that they planned to do an evaluation of my claim that Screebl can save power under common usage patterns.  Well, Android Guys have yet to follow through on their evaluation, but I've been meaning to do a study myself for some time now, and I've finally gotten around to it. Here are the results...

Screebl Sighted on ADC2. PDF Print E-mail

I've been judging applications for the Android Developer Challenge 2 for several days now, and had not yet seen my own entry, Screebl.  I was beginning to think that perhaps Google's judging application was smart enough to filter apps from being delivered to their authors.  Either that, or Google hadn't accepted the application for some reason. 

Last night, however I finally stumbled across Screebl.  Of course I had a hard time installing it (the ADC2 judging app is a bit flaky to say the least).  It was surprisingly exciting to see it download and install.  Let me know if you see it, and remember to vote early and vote often!


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