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It seems that there are several applications on the Android market right now that make an attempt to solve the problem of premature screen locking.  This is good news!  First of all, it validates the problem space in which Screebl lives as actually being a need.  Second, there's nothing like a good healthy competition to make software better.  I've evaluated all of the available Android applications that deal with screen locking, and I must say that I'm very happy with how Screebl has turned out.  In my mind, Screebl is hands down the best of the bunch, from polish, to intuitive out-of-the-box bang-for-the-buck.  I admit that I may not be all that impartial.  But hey, I'm feeling confident, particularly after reading the comments on the competition that mention Screebl!

Check things out for yourself.  Here's a list of apps that will help "get your screen on":

NOTE:  Google has chosen to suspend the account of the user that provides the cyrket services, which provide web access to Android market information.  Until this is resolved, the links below will not show any detail.

  1. Screebl - see
  2. KeepScreen - see
  3. AutoLock - see 
  4. Screen On - see
  5. Toggle Screen Timeout -
  6. Stay Awake -
Let me know if I've missed any.