Debugging on Amazon Kindle Fire - No Thanks to Amazon Print E-mail

Me:  Hey Amazon, can I buy a Kindle Fire to test my apps on before you ship to the general public?

Amazon: No.  BTW, we've forked Android, but to get you started here's a two-paragraphs description of the features of the Fire so that you can create a VM image and "test" your apps.

Me: OK.  I know that you test everyone's apps yourself.  Do you know if my app works on Fire?

Amazon: It does not.  That's as much as we're going to tell you, however.  Good luck, and be sure to see our two paragraphs that describe the features of the Fire.

Me:  That sucks.  How can I test my app on an actual device?

Amazon: We recommend that you buy a Kindle Fire, so that you can develop new apps for the Fire.  Have you seen Angry Birds?  It works on the Fire.  You should get your app to work there too.  Make sure that you update the price of your app.

Me:  OK.  I got my Fire from FedEx today.  I plugged it in and it doesn't seem to have any way enable debugging.  What do you recommend?

Amazon: See our FAQ.  It has a two-paragraph description of the features of the Fire.  Use that to create a VM image on which you can test.  Have you seen Angry Birds?  You should write apps for the Fire.

Me: Hey, XDA, does anyone here know how to debug on the Kindle Fire?

XDA: Sure.  Just do this (