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A pet project that we've been working on for the past few months has finally matured enough to make it onto the major Android markets.  CrazyCat HD is a simple Android game based on the very fine AndEngine gaming engine that has some pretty cool and innovative features.

The premise of the game is very simple.  Your cat chases animated critters around on the screen and scores points based on how fast they are moving when her paw makes contact.  Yeah that's right, it's an app for your cat.  We're not the first ones to think of such a twisted thing, it's been done on the iPad, and in Flash form for Android, but we wanted to see what a native Android version could do while we played with AndEngine and explored some other ideas that we have around app marketing and advertising.  We'll be getting into those last two in some other posts.

For now, I'll focus on the cool gaming aspects of CrazyCat.  Yes, we think that there are some breakthrough in this simple Android game intended for cats.  Most notable is the interactive nature of the game.  Unlike other cat apps, CrazyCat allows you to interact with your cat while she's playing the game.  By downloading the free companion app CrazyCatController and installing it on your phone, you can control the critters running around on your tablet's screen.  

The connection is done via bluetooth, and we've come up with a cool QR-code wizard that makes connecting your phone to your tablet as a game controller a snap.  Bluetooth is a vile beast, and there are some rough edges, but the idea is solid, and we predict that phone game controllers will become a staple of the Android gaming boom that is about to hit us all.

Watch the embedded video for a better explanation of the concept, and by all means download the app and begin bonding with your cat.

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